Full-Stack Web Developer

Since 2009

I've built websites, platforms and applications with Drupal/PHP and javascript as part of the Floe Design + Technologies team, as a cofounder of the Webcast Agency and as a solo and freelance developer.

Notable projects

  • Digital.NYC / StartHubBoston
    A content channel platform that aggregates content and promotes it to promote the local startup ecosystem (with Floe)
  • Drupal Webcasts
    A microsite platform that powers a full campaign around a webcast event or recurring webcast events with live interaction, payments, rapid theming and more.



Complexity Scientist

Since 2007

As a graduate student of urbanism in Paris I wrote a thesis on the morphology of emergence, complexity and modern urban growth. I continued to develop the subject at the blog Emergent Urbanism, and now invest myself developing modeling tools for emergent city growth as well as expanding the conversation on Twitter. I also acted as advisor to the project. Ask me how I can help your project.



Since 2013

I helped colleagues and friends begin a new opportunity in their career by cofounding the Webcast Agency as director of software development and marketing. While participating in an entrepreneurial bootcamp at SAJE, followed by sales training, I designed and developed the company's web platform with Drupal and custom designed the marketing/advertising campaign for the company's services.