My name is Mathieu Hélie. I am a web developer and complexity scientist living in Montréal, Canada.

Known for

Drupal Design and Development

I have used Drupal to develop for the web since 2009, having chosen it over other frameworks for the exceptional organization of its economy, community and infrastructure. It has allowed me to execute projects that would otherwise never have been possible. I design site architectures, code modules and integrate systems.

Complexity Science

I study the arcane arts of complexity science, the offspring of chaos theory whose purpose is to bring to life systems that are beyond anyone's understanding. Ask me about distributed knowledge, emergent morphology, fractals or computational irreducibility, and I will tell you why they are the future.

Emergent Urbanism

As a graduate student in urban planning, I realized that the field was crippled by its science - the scientific theory applied contradicted the experience of practice and history. I used complexity science to oppose this counterscience and validate the history of urbanism, preparing the urbanist of the future. Go to Emergent Urbanism.

Strategic Advice

I have been an advisor for the BIMBY project, an urban development initiative in France seeking to resuscitate small-scale housing growth in modern subdivisions. I've also advised the Decoraxion team, a technical research project developing a revolutionary paint customization system, on the meaning of their technology and its potentials.